Special event units.

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I love the game. But ....the units won from Special Events SHOULD enter the crate box rotation. How else are we supposed to level them up?
What's the use to have Zartan and even rank him up when he is a lvl 2 weakling compared to his other Epic tiers on higher levels?
This should be fixed. When Tunnel Rat first came out I saw a lot of players using him, now I don't see him anymore because I imagine they are having the same problem I have with Zartan. They got left behind while the other units happily level up.
I don't know how this goes unnoticed by the developers. If you won a Special Event unit you should not have to wait until they have that unit again on a Special Event to level it up.


  • Target_Practice
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    Yes, it would be nice to level. up these characters more.

  • Footloose
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    Agreed. Those that win the character should have these as random inserts for leveling up going forward.