Make Character Boosts purchasable with HP, to help slow the Character release interval

RickOShay Posts: 452 Mover and Shaker
Problem: New characters are released every 2 weeks and it adds to dilution and is hard for many players to keep up or catch up. 
Problem 2: Dev's can't slow down character releases since they earn lots of HP from spending on roster slots & token draws etc. 

Idea: Let us purchase Characters Boosts, much like the weekly boost list, but let us apply the boost to characters we choose for a certain number of battles per day.
The cost of this could equate to somewhere around 1000 HP per 2 weeks, calculated so that HP spending stays similar to what a new character release would earn them. 

Think about it. If we could spend 100 HP per day for 10x character boosts per day I would certainly do this.
That would be 1400 HP spent per 14 days.
With this extra income from many players, the Dev's could take a 2 week interval off from releasing a new character. 

I realize this would take some coding, but probably not too bad, right? Would it require anything close to the design effort on an entire character?  No way.

The 'Battle boost' would need to be on offense only, so that you can't leave a disgustingly boosted character out on defense in PvP. 
It should probably be limited to 1 character per team of 3, to be fair and avoid brute forcing nodes that players wouldn't otherwise be able to complete.
Probably not allowed in the Crash, and other limitations. 

 I'm thinking of tagging the dev's on this ;)