Looking for advice on when and how to make the 5* jump

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I'm a 4* player who through hoarding and sharding has started to amass what is a decent seed for the 5* jump. I'm looking for advice on, well, what the title says.

First, a little about my goals:
I'm a collector. I eventually want every character rostered and champed.
I play every PvE SCL 10 for progression not placement. There have been 3 I didn't quite get full progression on but otherwise I'm getting there with my current roster. However, I'd like to speed up how long it takes.
I play every PvP SCL 10 to 1000 points. I'm able to do this every time with my current roster, and don't want making the jump to mean I start failing to hit 1000 or making it take so much longer that it wipes out any time savings I get in PvE.

A little about my roster. All 4*'s except Maria Hill champed, highest is Vulture at lvl 321. As for 5*s, using the top 10 list from @Daredevil217 's 5* character ranking:

1) 4* Bishop: lvl 287
2) Thor: 3/3/1 lvl 300
3) Okoye: 5/5/3 lvl 315 + 5 saved
4) Kitty: 5/5/3 lvl 330 + 2 saved
5) Professor X: 5/5/3 lvl 255 +5 saved
6) Thanos: 4/3/3 lvl 255
7) Beta Ray Bill: 5/4/4 lvl 255 + 1 saved
8) Jessica Jones: 3/4/3 lvl 255
9) Hawkeye: 2/2/2 lvl 285
10) Doctor Doom: 2/1/1 lvl 255 + 1 saved

I don't have enough ISO to champ any of them yet, but wondering the best way to go about it:
Champ one at a time, and if so, which ones in what order?
Wait until I can champ a couple at once, and if so, which ones?
Take a halfway approach: level a bunch to 360, and if so, which ones?
Wait until I have more covers for "x"?
Get Bishop leveled higher?

Thanks in advance.


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    Okoye, Kitty, and Professor X all play really well with a number of 4*, so they're excellent candidates for testing things out. Bill is the only one you've got who pairs particularly well with Bishop, but he's excellent there (and also plays very well with Kitty). Any one of those would probably give you a good single 5* experience, with Kitty and Okoye a bit ahead of the other two, especially since they're already in optimal builds, so they'll be fine as you gradually level them up. Then add the others as you please (and as you manage to get the ISO).
    Depending on where your Valkyrie is, you may be able to get another green cover or two for Thor relatively easily by setting her as your bonus hero. Even with 4 green, he's usable in PvE, and with 5, he's a great help. Don't take him into PvP like that, tho, he's just a huge target when under-leveled.