Pull 1k CP for some Okoye/Kitty?

I see there is a new store that has Okoye, Kitty, and Strange.  I have 1 cover each of kitty and okoye and about 1k CP.  Is it worth it to pull for them, even if I only get a cover or two?  


  • helix72helix72 Posts: 440 Mover and Shaker
    IMHO, yes. You've got 2 of the best 5*s in the game and Strange is a decent 3rd. This is probably the 2nd best vault I've ever seen. I think there was one a while ago with Thor, Okoye, and Kitty but otherwise this is better than the Okoye, Thanos, and Black Panther vault that I would put 3rd.
  • heybubheybub Posts: 247 Tile Toppler
    OK, so I pulled...I got 4 covers 1 each of Okoye, and 1 Dr. Strange.  Bad odds for a 1:7 chance with 40 pulls.  But made progress on Okoye, so not bad.
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