Heap o' Rocks vs. Johnny Boy

qandols Posts: 1,156 Chairperson of the Boards
Ahhh, lost two times with my level 297 Thing. Bad boards, granted, but he was hitting like a wet noodle. Johnny attack-tiled him to death both times. I looked how he was speced: 4/5/4, with yellow being useless on a one-on-one match. Respec and try again. This time it was victory and I got a 4* GhostRider champ level. That got me enough CP for a classic, which was a purple 5* Hawkeye cover leaving him at 3/3/1. I still find Thing underwhelming, though.


  • TPF Alexis
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    Spent most of mine slap-fighting with nothing for either of us to match except blue or purple. One each of my red and green put out the flame before he did much damage, tho.
    Token was a HoboFist champ level.
  • iron-n-wine
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    2 attempts with a champed thing. Second time got a great board and was able to fire both red and green before human torch could fire any of his 
  • PuceMoose
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    First try with my level 209 5/5/3 Thing, but it was quite close. I think that what saved me is that Johnny never managed to get enough black to cast inferno until the very end. He hit me with two fireballs and two green attacks. I was down to 1123 HP when I finally got enough red to give him a good clobbering. He'd just matched enough black to cast Inferno, so it probably would have been lights out for me the following turn.

    My reward was a champ level for 4* Ghost Rider.
  • DAZ0273
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    Thing got all the red and green so he gave Johnny a bit of a clobberin' time but the fact that it took at  red, match damage and a finishing green to splat him shows how sad Thing is. 😭