Event rewards as a % of points earned.

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It’s ridiculous, and even a bit insulting, that a minor or single loss can tank a players rewards down to less than 10% of the top rank’s rewards. How is that justified? Losing one match in TDW is devastating to rewards.
Ranks 6-25 and 50-100 often are completely unfilled, as everyone unlucky enough to lose perfection gets squeezed out.
This is one of the biggest turn-offs in the game. Considering how easy it is for bugs and crashes to occur, it doesn’t seem appropriate. Were the game near 100% reliable, it would be more acceptable.

Plenty of titles have reward structures that don’t make us feel like everything is at stake for losing one point. Within the current context of the game struggling with reliability, it starts to really stink... 

Would it really hurt the game too much financially to show a little compassion to the player base?


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    Smokincookz Posts: 251 Mover and Shaker
    Perhaps some adjustment to brackets would be helpful. Currently, there is no one in rank 6-25 in Seize the Day due to the number of first place rankings. 
    It’s extremely disheartening to lose a single objective and score 98%, in the end only getting the rewards that are at the far bottom of the percentile. 

    If I score 98%, I should receive minimum 80% of the top reward. By scoring 98% vs 100% there is no difference in the amount of time or effort put in. A couple points lost will penalize you so badly that the effort to achieve perfection is almost entirely wasted. When this happens, I often just settle for the progression rewards. There’s usually no point in trying to go near-perfect, only all or nothing. Not a good system IMHO.