Suggestions to make this game less boring (more challenging)

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Good game; potentially really good game, but choppers broke it. Having any chopper, other than the Tomahawk, is an automatic win button. Only nostalgia has kept me playing because the battles are boring and monotonous. Attackers already have the advantage of their human brain versus an AI. Attackers should be challenged to strategize their attack based on the enemy base. Here are a few suggestions to make the game more challenging:

1. AA turrets should be used to counter the various airdrop abilities rather than choppers. And, should have a chance to miss.

2. Machine gun turrets should do medium damage and ground troops should do minimal damage to choppers.

3. Scarlet's turret hack should not have unlimited range.

4. Attackers should never be able to deploy beyond their original deployment zone, unless a specific unit grants the ability. (examples: allow Tunnel rat to create a temporary deployment zone, when he deploys, to allow additional infiltrators, or allow troops to deploy behind enemy lines via the Tomahawk chopper)

5. Mines should be invisible to attackers (unless a special unit, such as Tripwire, is deployed; and when visible, troops should avoid them)

6. Defenders should not attack hacked turrets, except with a disabling ability (Scarlet)

7. Moray and Megalodon should allow a leader to man the turret, which should allow firing at aircraft

8. Heroes should only be usable once

9. Only one air unit slot should be allowed in attacking squad

10. The cost for redeploying dead units should increase each time they die, or preferably, summoning energy should only be gained by destroying resource buildings

11. The radar dish should offer some small defensive bonus to prevent it from being used as a barricade on the frontlines. (perhaps AA countering is less automatic, and the dish provides increased chance to shoot down planes or choppers)

12. Helicopters should automatically scramble, rather than sitting on the helipad to be bombed, preferably eliminate the helipad and deploy choppers from the HQ.

13. Add defensive airdrops that could be deployed from the base

14. The base should fire on any attackers within range, not wait until the base is engaged.

15. Mamba, though my favorite unit, is unarguably OP!

16. Cobra airdrops should come from a Firebat, not a red Conquest (you missed an opportunity here)

Just my opinion. Thanks for reading, and thanks for bringing back some of my childhood.


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    Lots to like here. The single biggest flaw is the Helicopter easy button...