Rogue vs. Iceman

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Annoying! I think I got stunned at least 12 times and Icey was flodding the board with blue tiles all the while. I had 13 green for the longest time and was one short of a red attack. Then I finally got out of stun, placed a red Sugah-tile and it was all over. LT was a needed BRB cover, taking him to 4/3/2.


  • DAZ0273
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    Hi Rogue, how do you feel about some extra stun with your stun? Now we realise that you have been exposed to our range of stun this season but we think that there is a place in your day for some additional stun before you suffer stun fatigue.

    Thank Lockjaw that Rogue eventually got to unleash with all the impotent rage that had been building up all those turns and explode Iceman like he was a newly released 4* Shield agent.
  • TPF Alexis
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    Yeah, this one would be so much easier if Bobby's strongest colour were either blue or purple. Like Qandols, I spent a ludicrous amount of time sitting around stunned with 13 green AP in the bank, but finally got free and made another green match to melt that boy.
    Token was a champ level for some random 4*.
  • PuceMoose
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    My Rogue as well spent a good chunk of time stunned, and the board suffered from a dearth of green - well, except for when Rogue was stunned, of course. Ol' Bobby-boy was one shy of being able to cast green (and that's even with Gloves Off in action) before I finally managed to get enough green to drop the big bomb on Bobby. I was kind of amused that Rogue made a similar face to the face I made when I got stunned repeatedly. 

    My reward was one of the original heavy hitters - a champ level for teen Jean.