Minerals mined not = to minerals banked.

I’m having an issue with logging into the game and checking my base. I go to click on the minerals I just mined and they are posting values in the tens of thousands but only a couple hundred are going into my bank. Usually this happens after an attack but I can see the minerals being deducted before I go to collect. Is this happening to anyone else? It’s super frustrating being that I need minerals to resupply after every battle. What’s the point of mining minerals if I don’t get to collect any of them? 


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    This sounds pretty unusual. If possible could you submit a ticket regarding this issue to Customer Support with a screenshot of what you are seeing on your side along with the approximate time and date at which it occurred? 
  • Gravesong
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    I've had this happen.  I thought it was due to their being a battle and the enemy player taking gems/oil either in reserve or that had been mined waiting to be collected,  do when you click on it, the value isn't there because they won it in their battle cargo from defeating your base.

    Don't know if that's really the case though.
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    Been happening. Joe side has perpetual 0 balance since losses will pillage stored or put one in the negative not allowing any way to climb out of a hole but spending gems. Trash. Times logging in equals my joes balance until fixed