Should I blow all or part of my hoard to chase Beta Ray Bill?

helix72 Posts: 992 Critical Contributor
I'm a 4* player, slowly building my 5* bank to get to 5* land one day. I'm not in a hurry to make the leap, but still find that 5*s can be very useful, even at low levels. I play PvE SCL10 for max progression only and PvP SCL10 to 1000 each and every. I don't play for placement.

Current meta 5*s (none leveled higher than 330):
5/5/3 Kitty
5/5/3 Okoye
5/5/3 Professor X
4/3/3 Thanos (is he meta anymore?)
3/2/1 Thor
2/1/2 Hawkeye

I currently have 383 LTs, which I use to draw for each new 5* until I get one cover and stop. I have 2,018 CP which I'm building back up in hopes of a Thor or Hawkeye special store in the future.

My BRB is 0/3/1, Carnage is 3/1/0, and Sinister is 0/0/1.

I keep seeing BRB being used to take down harder nodes in PvE, and it seems like he might be a top tier toon.

1) Is he good enough that I should blow my LTs chasing him?
2) Should I wait for Havok to enter (I'll be drawing then anyway to get Havok) or do it now to get more coverage for Carnage?
3) Is he worth chasing with my CP if I can't cover him using LTs versus saving it for Thor or Hawkeye?

Any advice from your experience is greatly appreciated!


  • TPF Alexis
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    BRB is excellent. I can't see any regret from chasing him.
    Personally, I'm trying to get Carnage covers before Havok comes in. Havok is solid, but Carnage works really well with Bill, and I want some of that action on my side.
  • helix72
    helix72 Posts: 992 Critical Contributor
    First 100 pulls:

    1 Carnage
    4 BRB
    10 Sinister

    Not the distribution I was hoping for. Might wait for tomorrow to try another 100.
  • helix72
    helix72 Posts: 992 Critical Contributor
    Couldn't help myself. Next 100 pulls:

    2 Carnage
    6 BRB
    1 Sinister

    BRB at 6/4/4
    Carnage at 3/2/2
    Sinister at 2/4/6

    Was hoping for more Carnage and less Sinister, but oh well. No more pulling for me until Havok enters, and then I hope I get no more Sinister or Bill.
  • Daredevil217
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    Nice job covering Bill! I’d say no regrets there!

    This reminds me of myself right before I transitioned. I found I was able to cover 5s and just wasn’t leveling them out of fear of higher MMR. I eventually transitioned with all the meta at that time (baby champed) and have not regretted it at all. 

    I now get joy chasing Latests and finding fun team combos with woefully outclassed older characters (when I finally get them covered). 

    I will say champing your 5s would make CL10 way easier, not harder. And Bill/Kitty Bill/Bishop is enough for you to hit 1K unshielded most times in PVP and 1200 with shields. Kitty buffing the protects means minimal healthpacks as well. 

    I only really use Hawkeye for the CL10 challenge node, so while nice, you don’t need him to transition. Thor is also good for CL10 with Okoye and for quick hops in PvP. But using them puts a huge target on your back from people avoiding Gritty, Bishop, Bill, Professor, Carnage, etc. So by no means essential for PvP.