One Super 3* Or A Few Decent Ones?

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I'm at that awkward spot where I've got about five of my 3* characters champed, but none of my 4*s are of any use. They're just not powered high enough.

That being said, this is in regard to my 3*s - is it better, strategy-wise, to continue to collect shards for my (currently level 185) 3* Hawkguy or try to champ the other 3*s that I haven't leveled yet? (I have a Beast and Red Hood that need one more cover) I know that a lot of people champ for the latest legends tokens but I don't really have any roster space for new characters right now. 


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    It's generally better to go for a broader roster within a Star tier for a few reasons. First off, you want to have most, if not all, of the 3* tier champed before you dig into the 4* tier. At that point, the champ rewards from the 3* will be a huge help in fueling your roster development. Also, if one character starts getting too far ahead of the rest, it will start skewing your matchmaking in PvP, putting you up against harder teams than you would otherwise have to deal with.
    The general guideline is to not pull any tokens if there's a good chance you're not going to be able to use whatever comes out. With Saved Covers being a thing, that basically means don't pull Tokens that could give you characters who you would need a Roster slot for unless you have the HP to add a new slot. That said, the 4* pull rates are low enough that it's generally pretty safe to pull Heroics and Event Tokens once you've got the 2* and 3* tiers Rostered.
    A corollary to that is that you shouldn't spend HP on anything other than Roster slots until you have everyone (Except Bagman and the 1*. You only need one of 1* Spidey, Juggs, Iron Man, or Storm to handle the 1* node in DDQ, and they're not required for anything else.)
    Further, you should generally just save your Mighties, LTs and CP until you're ready to go in on 4*. Once you get the lower tiers taken care of, start pulling those, stopping as soon as you get someone you can't roster right now. Spending your CP on Classic Legends is generally better when you're working on the 4* tier. The point of Latests is mostly to have more control over the 5* you're getting, when those turn up.
    Finally, a note on the 3* tier. The "Big Three" are Strange, Thanos, and IM40. Those three will make a huge difference in your play experience once you get them going, allowing you to successfully go up at least one SCL from where you can play without them.
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    @TPF Alexis

    Alrighty! Thank you very much. I've never spent my HP on anything but roster slots but it's still an uphill struggle, considering I have a problem with refraining from using the tokens I earn. The compulsion to just press the button is very strong, and I am weak. 

    Technically I am trying to get the 4* tier going - I have quite a few on my roster, but only one or two covers for each with the exception of Cloak & Dagger (1/1/2). They're no help and I've been largely using a one-cover Beta Ray Bill and then two champed 3*s (Cyclops, Hawkguy, IM40).

    I've just got the one 1* Iron Man already, and I believe my PVP is skewed already because I managed to bag three one-power 5*s - Daredevil, Beta Ray Bill and Bruce Banner. (Not that I use Bruce much, if at all.) I do have all of the 'Big Three,' although IM40 is the only one that's champed because of the pulls I've been getting. On your advice I'm going to switch my Hawkguy favourite over to my smaller 3*s and see how it goes.

    Much appreciated!
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    Glad I could help, and to hear that you're already pretty much on track. Given all that, I'm guessing you're farming your 2* as well? That's the last thing I can think of right now that I forgot to mention before.
    And yeah, basically no one uses Banner unless they absolutely have to. He's a solid contender for worst 5* in the  game.