Inconsistent Control with Commands

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Hello! Love the game.

I’m curious as to why, however, there can be such inconsistencies with the command options to give either a team, or individual card.

example: I can have a troop headed along a path, on an ideal side of an obstacle - tanks trap, etc - yet the game will decide to make them choose an illogical route that takes it right into danger, or a land mine, etc. This results in damage, or “death” of the character. Even if I give the command to change the route, not all members of the troop will “listen” and some continue on this path, to their demise.

Why have commands, if they aren’t consistent?


  • Devil2960
    Devil2960 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Another case in point:

    Battling with Shrikes and Saw Vipers. Commands only made one of each pair move to my selected target, while the other stayed on the course.

    A little more precise control would be nice. It would also be helpful if we could make troops/vehicles stand in place, until we called them to move and attack.