Alliance Rewards: New Reward "Epic or Greater"

Faseyofar Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
I would love to see in the Alliance Rewards a box that cost more say 3000 coins (or more if worth it) with 1 card that is an epic or higher.
maybe use percent epic 95% and Legendary 5%, or even Epic 98% Legendary 2%. but not <1% give us a bone to chew on.
with this i would feel that it would very much help people to want to share cards and give cards.
right now i am Tier 4 and i will only buy an epic box and don't really care what it is.
The rare box could be better if it gave like 5 cards, but i don't see the value in it how it is now. 
but i would be excited to open a epic or greater box, and i think it would help with alliance to feel that trading cards around are very worth it.