Officer duties and capabilities

ScrewyScrewy Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
Evening Peepers, 
      I'm just curious as to what alliance permissions Officers hold. As an officer in our alliance, Rolling Thunder,  I find officers are only allowed to change the alliance faction. 
This to me seems a bit shallow compared to the other game a majority of our members are from. Earth War's officers have the Ability to accept or decline members, start wars and discuss alliance matters privately in the Officers Chat. 


  • DrJ_ECGDrJ_ECG Posts: 50 Match Maker
    Officers can change Alliance info and promote players. But you can only promote under your own rank.
  • DrJ_ECGDrJ_ECG Posts: 50 Match Maker
    We have an update in the near future for alliances that will address some of these concerns.
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