Idea for Balanced Gameplay

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Hello... I'm Storm from ORDER 66
Wanted to pass on some ideas to D3 for a hopefully more Balanced Game. Most are well aware that 90% Attacks end in Victory so here are my ideas...

1. Only able to use Hero Cards once per Battle... Would equal the Defending Base in once the Hero is eliminated that Hero is done for that Battle.

2. Only able to use Vehicle Cards twice per Battle.

3. All other Cards are Unlimited use. Much like real world Armies. Soldiers are very High in numbers.

4. No buffering of Cards should be needed.

5. On the Defending Base... Once a Action against the Base is initiated the Helicopter goes on the Defense. As it is now we can simply take out the Helipad with Airstrikes and the Helicopter will never move.

6. Add a New Building to house a 2nd Hero to help defend our Bases. One Hero against multiple that will regenerate is ridiculous. Maybe a Watch Tower for a Supporting Hero.

That's all for now and just ideas I had while playing the Game. Thanks for Reading and hope this Game does well.

Storm- ORDER 66


  • CrimsonBrock
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    Excellent suggestions! I love the 2 hero suggestion for sure 👍
  • ElfNeedsFood
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    They could implement as a special event / alternate format and see if it works or not.  It would put the pressure back on using troops more and vehicles (especially air vehicles) less.
  • Popeyes
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    Thanks @Storm_Order66 for the suggestions! Think these ideas are great, will pass along to the team