CotT: Prof-X vs. Electra

qandols Posts: 1,156 Chairperson of the Boards
Boy was this frustrating. I had three horrible boards where Elektra was getting black all the time despite my trying to deny her. Thus she was shadow stepping most of the time. Adding insult to injury, she also got off multiple DD-Cross while I finally got invisible but all the strikes was matched away by her immediately, so no gain there. Last try I had a favorable board, stayed invisible the whole match and after her first DD-cross it did not take many matches before she was 'striked' down. LT was a BRB cover, which is good, but I sorely need a Sinister right now.


  • krakenoon
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    Groaned on the first round & bailed after a few turns, won it on the second with about 5-6 match-5s & took a little extra damage.

    5/0/0 can win this with luck, persistence & careful denial.
  • TPF Alexis
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    krakenoon said:

    5/0/0 can win this with luck, persistence & careful denial.

    Even a Champed Prof needs all three of those. This is one of the most frustrating Crashes, and it's heavily dependent on the board you get. You need to deny red and black, while chasing purple, but not so much that Elektra doesn't get any. And hope that your Invisibility tile lands somewhere that it's not getting matched away immediately. And you have to get Invisible before Elektra uses her red, or that will steal enough purple from you that it's almost impossible to overcome.
    Took me four tries. I only got a single match-5 in all four combined. Finally managed to stay invisible and grind through three Shadow Steps worth of blocked damage before coming out with a Th4nos champ level.
  • DAZ0273
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    Yeah this one is a grind. My Champ Prof finally did it first time but he had to chew through 3 lots of Elektra slidey dodge black thingy, this battle took I am guessing something approaching 10 minutes of them not damaging each other as my Prof was invisible also. I didn't even get a match 5. Glad this one is outta the way.
  • PuceMoose
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    My Professor was having a good day, as I started off with a match-four in purple. A few turns later I was invisible, happily buffing the tiles that Chewie brought along. Elektra didn't manage to cast purple or red, but she cast black subjectively about three hundred times. It was a long war of attrition until I finally broke through her defenses and pummeled her to death with fairly massive attack tiles. 

    My reward was a saved cover for 4Fist.