Me Again, Now What?

GENxSLADE Posts: 20 Just Dropped In
Hi Friends,

A lot has changed since my last "Help me get good with my roster" thread lol.

My Roster:

As you can see, I'm now a baby 5* player and things aren't as scary as I'd thought it'd be. Probably because of the new characters that have been added to shake the meta just a little.

My question is now, what do I do? I have most 4*s champed or covered, especially any top tier characters that have been recommended. I'm SLOWLY getting my 5*s together outside of my champed 3. I have begun farming 3*s because at this point, i don't use them unless required.

So, how do I continue to grow from here? Any advice or tips are welcome.

My current strategy is hoard for 40 pulls and go. I wanted to do the 300 pull but I don't have the patience anymore and done find it quite as necessary. My luck seems fair as my last 40 pull gave me 7 5* covers. I figured I could do this a few a times and get 1 or 2 more covered 5*s before all 3 are gone from LL. It's at least more satisfying this way imo. But I'm open to new strategies.