No incintive

Halocross Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
This coalition event will be my last. I enjoyed the game while playing but I believe this game is in jeopardy now. Changes to VIP, low rewards and incintives have destroyed this game IMO. Other games provide much greater incentives for continuing to play. There seems to be a shift in greed. It takes far too much time and resources in this game to collect the cards you want. There is too much of an emphasis on pulling cash out of everyones pockets for exclusives and non craftable items. There is far too many duplicates that give little to no value. There needs to be a revamp in the commodities of the game. It should not take near as long to collect enough pinkies to finally get a mythic that never drops. There should be a wildcard of sorts or a way to craft specific cards not this RNG pinkie grind. Even giving non dupe packs in coalition would work wonders on incentives and reason to continue to play. The system is setup with low reward and seems to not care about the players that give cash every month. I could understand a bit more if this was a game with little to no bugs or crashes but we all know that's not the case. 

Farewell MTGPQ.