Your Pull Results: Mister Sinister now in LLs!

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  • Tiger_Wong
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    85 pulls. Sinister previously at 0/0/1. Now at 3/3/4

    carnage previously at 1/1/2

    now at 8/1/3

    BRB previously are 2/1/3

    now at 4/2/3

    great luck going. And I champed fatpin, through shards.

  • talleman
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    It took me 6 pulls to get Mr Sinister and then i did 2 more pulls to get my final Carnage cover to be able to champ him.

  • Ugh
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    Started opening to get the 1 cover I need to do his required nodes. Didn't count but went through my entire hoard and of course came up with nothing. Typical.

  • wymtime
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    31 pulls 1 Sinister 5 Carnage, 2 BRB. Holding off till next 5* with 370 pulls remaining

  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    I had about 26 pulls; i got a blue Sinister, a red Carbage (4/1/4), and a pair of yellow BRsB (3/4/2).

    I also got a yellow Northstar for a triple 4 build.

  • broll
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    edited February 2020

    Pulled 137 from tokens and CP

    Started with the following (didn't record color breakdowns)

    Carnage - 8 covers

    BRB - 4 covers

    Mr. Sinister - 1 cover

    Pulled 21 5*s (15.3%)

    Carnage - 8 (now at 5/4/3 with 4 saved)

    BRB - 9 (now at 5/4/4 waiting on ~20k iso to champ)

    Mr. Sinister - 4 (now at 2/2/1)

    My goal with this group is to try and get all 3 champed ASAP to keep up with the highly demanding SCL10 (a change from my previous strategy of just champ the one who is about to leave before they leave). Mostly happy with the results, could have done without the lopsided pulls on Carnage, but he just needs one more of the right color (or 88 shards) which I should get during his next SCL 10 feature so he'll be champed soon. Would have liked to have more balance in the pull and got more Sinister, but this is probably the better outcome as there is plenty of time to get him yet. Now the debate is do I just leave Sinister at 5 covers plus what I get from shards and just wait for the next guy or not.

  • rainkingucd
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    33 pulls. 2 BRB, 2 Carnage, 0 Sinister 😓

  • pheregas
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    79 pulls. 4 carnage (allowed me to champ), 4 BRB (previously champed), and 1 Sinister. Not great, but at least 2/3rds of my Latest's are now champed.

  • argle_bargle
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    Took me 40 of my 41 LTs stockpiled to finally pull Mr. Sinister (phew!). The other 39 pulls gave me a couple more covers each for Carbage and BRB, as well as quite a few covers for some of my 4*s that are under level 209.

  • Warbringa
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    Pulled my hoard, probably 165+ LL tokens and slightly over 2000 CP. Got a ton of Sinister and BRB covers, not nearly as much Carbage. For the longest time my distribution was really scary as I only had 1 blue BRB and 1 purple Sinister however in my last 50 pulls or so I did pull 2 more of each to allow me to champ them. Sinister was already 2/0/4 I think from his release store. My Sinister is now level 458 and BRB 455. Carbage was already 2/1/0 before my pulls and now is 3/5/2 with a bunch of saved red covers. My pull rate started off amazing but dipped back into average levels the later I pulled. For some reason the RNG really wanted to give me 4* Riri covers this time.

  • furbear00000
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    Waiting until Karnak is available to bonus before I pull. I really want to right now though. I’ve been waiting for Sinister for a long time.

    What is he like to play with so far?

  • Ed_Dragonrider
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    Had 81 pulls altogether (after all champ rewards applied etc.) and not a single Mr. Sinister to show for it. 😭

    Only got 9 5*s (6x BRB and 3x Carbage (ugh!) ) so my rate isn't exactly stellar either. 😞

    There are a few personal positives (like getting Medusa to lvl 280 for my first ever BlackBolt cover), but overall still somewhat of a let down.

  • TPF Alexis
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    First 112 (the hoard)

    • 5 Sinister
    • 4 Bill
    • 4 Carnage
    • 13 - 11.6%

    Next 20 (Champ rewards from the first round: 14LT, 150 CP)

    • 1 Carnage
    • Champed Iceman via Shards

    4 more from those champ rewards

    • 1 Bill

    • 136 pulls total
    • 15 5*
    • ~11%
    • 😞

    • Carnage to 5/2/2
    •  Bill to 1/2/4 (I used Shards for the sole green)
    • Sinister to 3/3/0

    Not great overall. Fairly poor percentage, and lopsided builds for all of them. We'll see how it goes from here.

  • helix72
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    I'm waiting and hoping that Karnak becomes shardable before Sinister becomes required.

  • Daredevil217
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    Started with

    1/1/1 BRB

    0/0/2 Carnage

    0/0/1 Sinister

    Pulled all of my LT plus any LT I got back from rewards (no CP)

    Ended up going 29/277 for a miserable 10.5%

    Ended with a champed 452 BRB, 3/3/4 Carnage, and 2/2/6 Sinister (yikes).

    On the shard front I got about 2.5 Black Bolt covers (targeting him directly as well as Medusa) for my 5/1/1. Next time he's essential that will be three covers for me to play with. I've got a bunch of Phoenix shards as well and am waiting to see how I place in the current PVE, to see how many more I need to finish her with next event's progression rewards. When I figure that out I will pull to try and complete Carbage before he leaves. I also got my Grocket up to 266... 4 away from becoming my first max-champ!

    Hopefully there's an upswing coming, because I tend to pull below the expected rate almost every time (12.8% over my last 760 pulls).

  • MoonKnight
    MoonKnight Posts: 63 Match Maker

    Started with

    Carnage 0/0/1

    BRB 0/3/1

    Mr S 2/3/0.

    Pulled 257 times, at a 13.5% (34 pulls) rate to champ them all. Interestingly, carnage was the first one I could champ as I pulled. Got enough shards from to champ JJ and to get an extra BRB cover to prevent his bad color distribution (2/8/5 at the end).

    Pleased with the results and back to hoarding again. It’s staggering how much short term (~6 months) harm it does to a roster to make sure that a player has enough pulls to obtain all three latest legends.

  • jredd
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    roughly 140 pulls.

    3 brb champ levels

    10 sinister

    4 carnage

    champed infinity cap, thanos and fatpin with 4* champ rewards. 1 bonus 5* cover from shards.

    9 lt and 2600+ cp left over to start the hoard again.

    not terrible

  • shardwick
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    I had 120 cp and so I figured that I would just wait for Havok to go into tokens before pulling since my Carnage is fully covered. Then I remembered that I'm over halfway to my final black cover for Okoye so, hey, maybe do a few pulls.

    First pull, Sinister.

    Second pull, BRB.

    Third pull, Sinister.

    That's what, 100% pull rate? I'm not good at math. I have 45 cp left but hey I'm going out on top.

  • DeNappa
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    Didn't spend all yet, but pulled 1 of each color for BRB (now 1/1/4), a black cover for Mr Sinister (now 1/0/3), and a red and a black cover for Carnage (now 1/3/2).

    Got about 1000 cp left.

  • DAZ0273
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    I already had Sinister rostered so haven't pulled yet but will definitely dip in at some point as I am reasonably confident I might be able to finish my 2/3/4 Beta Ray Bill before he leaves or at least get close. Hey Devs...about that feeder...

    But I may try my luck with Havok first and see what I have left.