Destro needs a Nerf.

RougueOne Posts: 9 Just Dropped In

It’s pretty sad that Destro and two helicopters can pretty much defeat any base all by themselves. He can stand behind the enemy deployment line and just walk from the left side of the screen to the right side, while firing rockets destroying all Anti-Air turrets and then, simply send in the helicopters to level the rest of the base. His wrist rockets are just way too powerful. Either nerf them, or at least give us a defensive counter that makes this attack strategy not viable. I’ve seen this strategy become more popular lately as more and more players keep doing this. Why even try to upgrade my defense, if this is how powerful you are going to make Destro


  • ElfNeedsFood
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    It's probably the helicopters that actually need the nerf...

  • Target_Practice
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    You are correct, Destro is powerful and my favorite to use. I put him in the Stinger to take down the flying objects.

    Please don't take this the wrong way, look at your base layout and think about what you could do to stop Destro from so far away. Maybe consider moving one of your Barracks or guns up closer?

    I understand. I can be frustrating watching your base fall. Good luck and I hope you find a way to stop Destro.

  • ElfNeedsFood
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    I agree that putting something closer to deploy troops could make owning the field with Destro just staying out of range tougher.

    The basic concept that's still a problem even if that changes is if you take out 2-3 anti-air turrets, you can then wipe the field with the helicopters.

    There are a lot of ways to take out to those turrets, however....

  • HoundofShadow
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    Buff Anti-Air instead. Increase their hitpoint.

  • ElfNeedsFood
    ElfNeedsFood Posts: 944 Critical Contributor

    Or add an anti-air cannon of some sort that has a shorter range, maybe even less damage, but is very sturdy...

  • FDS
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    Agree that some balancing is needed. As a avid air attacker... I have to mess up really bad not to 100% any base i come across.

  • Walcka30
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    i Have severe doubts this is a “Nerf Destro” issue . Cobra commander can do the same thing , as can baroness , if you leave your landing unprotected ... Destro isn’t nearly as broken as the ‘Deep Strike’ units the game has. At level 17 I take down the highest level bases with Stormshadow R2 and Mantis R2 and 2 air units . on the Joes side , all you need is R2 Paratroopers and 2 air units ....In fact , substitute any combo which cheaply takes down the AA turrets and you have a guaranteed 3 star victory at any level.

    Either deep strike units need to cost way more energy , AA turrets can’t be made of cardboard , or other turrets (or units) need to have the ability to hit air .

    there really is no base setup that can stop Cobra deep strikes and air spam, and only a strong water defense can stop Joe Para/air/emp.

  • Raithnor
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    Have the basic machine gun turrets get limited Anti-air and give AA missiles a slight boost in damage?

    This way the invading player can't completely disable the Anti-air defense with air strikes.
  • Popeyes
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    I do enjoy the Destro on HISS vehicle combination with an air unit
  • Target_Practice
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    @RougeOne It looks like you got your wish. Destro's wrist rockets are not as powerful as before.