Known Issue: Missing Common Items In Bundle (2/20/2020)

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Hi Everyone,

We recently became aware of a bug occurring with the Common Rarity Bundle. Those who purchased this bundle are unfortunately being granted short of 3 Common Materials (aka, the Training Manual).

If you are one of these individuals that recently purchased a Common Rarity Bundle and did not receive the full 11 Training Manuals from the bundle, please submit a support ticket with a screenshot of your receipt, and our Customer Support agents will be happy to credit you the missing 3 Training Manuals.

There will be an upcoming 1.1.4 build that will include a fix for this. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


  • ElfNeedsFood
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    I had a thought on these issues - in other games when something like this happens, the devs just look up the people that purchased the bundles and automatically put the credited items in people's inboxes. For this one in particular, it's no big deal, but in general requiring a support ticket when these kinds of mistakes happens is burdensome on everyone involved. Can you look towards batching compensation for problems like this in the future?

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    Feedback for mail feature can only send 1 item at a time. It's too time consuming to collect a bunch of mails.