Hogaak bugged?? or token bug? [Fixed]

Lady_River Posts: 20 Just Dropped In

Basically yesterday and today I've had matches with my garrack 2 pw where my token wolves being destroyed by any means has soft locked my game but I've had hogaak in my hand each time that happens.

It would only happen when hogaak is in my hand. If I were to exile it, my tokens and creatures would destroy just fine.

I have uploaded pics of 2 battle logs to imgur (I haven't used imgur much and hope this works and is allowed, please let me know if either fails or are not allowed).



As you can see in the 2nd log, I am pretty sure it's hogaak that is the cause because the next match I did with the same deck and pw, I exiled that card when I got it and any creatures/tokens I had that got destroyed by any means destroyed without soft locking on me. (I hope that bit makes sense).

my 2nd battle log, I had to quit the match because it wouldn't let me do anything. The other 2 times (log 1 and a previous match I forgot to log enough about) it unlocked after I let it, do it's thing for a while which I tried with the 2nd log but it was being extra buggy.

Anyway I do hope this makes sense and I think I will continue to try this with other planeswalkers and tokens and figure this out.