Ok, Dormammu was right about the 5* tier, and now I'm considering it

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For quite some time now, I thought I had made up my mind to stay in the 4* tier, more or less indefinitely.

I still have some concerns about the diversity of 5* play, and about whether it's fun to collect characters when I won't ever use most of them in the game.

However, a few details and opinions have changed recently, and I'm taking another look.

The opening of SCL10 is really the catalyst for this message. I wouldn't want to play this often, but an occasional foray would create some good challenge and variety from the normal PvE grind. I can foresee doing this when the progression rewards are more valuable than the placement, and when that aligns with a good event and boost/essential list.

Some good luck and hard work have resulted in a better set of potential starting 5*s than I expected. With Okoye, PX, and Iceman now 13 covers, and Kitty is 100 shards away, this is a great set of some of the best 5*s, most of which have variety of play and cross-tier options into 4*s. So I may not actually be giving up much diversity. Most of the 4* tier doesn't get used anyway.

With all that in mind, I want to at least plan for the best way to be ready for the transition, and there are several elements that I'm really unsure about.

1. iso, and a lot of it. I have 280K right now, and still spending it on both 4*s, as well as duped 3*s when they reach 17 saved covers. I have 45 unchamped 4*s at 13 covers, and while most of those aren't needed as playable characters, many of them are piling up large amounts of saved covers (22 on Quake, for instance). All but 6 3*s are max-champed, 17 champed dupes so far, and others approaching that 17-cover point. It may simply be too early to save for the transition, if the resources are better spent continuing to leverage and fuel the resource engine. Contrast that with the resources I could earn from champed 5*s, via better placement or SCL10 progression.

2. Selling max-champed 3*s. There's some iso available here, but I don't know the implications of losing these characters. I heard for example, that low-health 3*s are a liability in PvP against a Thanos team, which might be a factor once I cross into a 5* MMR. I definitely plan to keep the most useful ones regardless, but don't know if I should consider selling some of them.

3. Finishing Kitty. She's my current FH, and 412/500 towards the final cover. I also have a 289 Emma that will generate 100 shards at 295. And now there are shard rewards in PvE/PvP. Should I be banking on the final chunk to come from another source? Especially since it's going to be awhile before I have the iso to champ her anyway?

4. I have 65 LTs, and 3K CP. Sinister will enter Latest soon. I'll certainly be pulling to roster him, and strongly considering pulling more. I can't finish a 1/0/0 BRB with that but could get a good start, and would still have one more cycle. (And shard improvements could perhaps do the rest). Even Carbage is better than originally thought, and I could legitimately finish him from a nice 1/2/2 that I have now. Either way, I'd want to know where best to place my FH before starting to pull. Maybe it's worth moving to BRB now?


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    I felt similarly, and I do occasionally miss 4* land, but overall, I've been very happy with my decision to make the jump to 5*, and even more so with SCL10.
    1)ISO really seems to be the biggest of those issues.
    2) Having un-champed or baby champ 3* hurts in PvP, yeah. You don't need max champs, tho. It depends on their health pools, but for most of them, being somewhere in the middle of the champ range seems to be enough to avoid attracting excess Thanos. As you say, def keep the really good ones, but for all the 3* who are just filler, you can often sell off the max champ safely once they're somewhere in the 200s or so. Also, selling one off right after their PvP ends gives you as much time as possible to build their levels back up before you need them again.
    3) Given the trio you have fully covered right now, I wouldn't worry too much about those last Shards for Kitty. They'll do you fine for long enough to finish her one way or another.
    4) I've got about half the hoard you do, since I kept pulling for too long after champing ProfX, and I'm definitely planning on dumping that when Sinister rotates in. Bill is awesome, and Carnage is actually a great partner for him. Really not sure where I'd put your bonus hero, tho. I'm in a different position, because I'm in range to finish up Jessica Jones before too much longer, so I'm keeping mine on her.
    Hope some of that helps!
  • froggerjohn
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    Definitely helps, thanks!

    What I think I'll do with the iso, is target a certain amount of growth per week.Basically just slow down the spending to only the most important places, so that over time, the level is trending higher.

    After reading more about BRB-Carnage, pulling for them sounds really good. I'm a bit torn on the 5FH though.

    I already use Kitty a fair amount, meaning that I'd get immediate benefits from that 5th yellow, even without champing her.

    But since I already know I don't have the resources to complete BRB, that might be the safer long-term strategy. It's an extra guaranteed cover for him from these pulls, and Kitty is close enough to finish by other means.

    I'm leaning towards splitting the difference, picking up some Kitty first to increase the means of finishing her, and then switch to Bill to get "most of a cover". There should be more shard options to build on in upcoming events.

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    If you are going to 5* land make sure to bring along as big a Bishop as you can...