How long does it take for changes to a base to update?

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It seems to take ages for changes I make to my base to take effect for my opponents. For example, I updated the layout of my Joe base yesterday. This evening all of the invasions have reviewed have been against my old layout. This has been happening for for as long as I have been playing the game. What is the turnaround on base updates? 24 hours? 48? that's not really acceptable. 


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    Same. Feel your pain.

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    Same thing here. Just lost 20 cups to a defeat.
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    It turns out that when we update our bases, those changes are not being immediately enacted. Our bases only refresh once a player has attacked us. If you showed up on their map weeks ago, but they haven't attacked you yet, when they do, they will be attacking your base from when you first appeared on their map. Just today I was attacked, and the base layout being attacked was nearly 2 weeks old. I added a Helicopter to my base defenses yesterday, who knows how long it will be before it actually shows up in my base defenses. 

    The worst part is, this was done on purpose. This is how they designed the game to work. It's utterly baffling. The entire point of this game is attack and defense. If our bases are not updated immediately for all of our opponents, then what is the point of playing? why bother upgrading units or deploying them strategically if those changes won't be immediately implemented against the next person to attack you? 
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    I have received an answer. The game is apparently broken by design. I'm baffled. 
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