Character's match damages boost

wingX Posts: 252 Mover and Shaker
There seem to be 2 kinds of matches damage boosted. One is 'Base match damage increases by...' (ability of
Ghost and 4*Juggernaut) and the other 'match damage is increased by...' (ability of Emma, America, Talos)

When Karnak first announced, the description on his match damage ability mentioned 'March damage dealt increased by', I initially thought he need to tank his colour to benefit from his increased match damage but after using him in Shield training, it show his base match damage increase and it is reflected in the in-matches base damage numbers when we selected the characters.

Maybe they should changed Karnak's ability description the 'base match damage is increased by' for easy understanding?

Speaking of base match damage, maybe one of the ways to improve Emma and Talos is by changing their ability to 'increase base match damage.