Valkyrie and passive strongest color

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Something I only just noticed is that Valkyrie's otherwise excellent Bounty Hunter AP battery does no good if you eg. play her with Kitty and 5* Prof. X. It is the professors blue passive that is the strongest color and no one can use it. She really should not gain AP in a passive color. Just my 2 cent.


  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    She gains AP on the team's strongest color. On a solo node, that's red for her, which is why her red is so expensive. It's up to you to manage your team's strongest color if you want to effectively make use of that battery, same as C4rol, 4* Professor X, etc. Profe$$or X being my strongest character, i too was bummed to realize blue was his strongest, but just bring a blue outlet with him and you'll be fine. In fact, that just gave me the idea to try Profe$$or X/G4mora/Valkyrie on this ridiculous Challenging node in SCL10 HAT sub 1...