Bring back (some) of the trophies for wins without Battle Cargo

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I realize it was probably a development mistake for 1.1.1 to allow us to play our entire map and gain trophies, but since we lose trophies for losing battles and for invasions if we clear our board, it seems we should still obtain some trophies for victories that clear land, but not for repeating story levels that never clear.


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    I've been playing for months now, but I'm close to dropping the game over this. Trophies should not be lost to invasions. Nor should trophies only be available through battle cargo. A trophy is not cargo, it is a marker of how many battles you have won. By taking trophies away it becomes almost impossible to level up to the next battle tier. It was bad enough that I lost over a thousand trophies when the trophy count was reset for the American launch, but now it's next to impossible to make any headway at all because any trophies I win over the course of the day are lost to invasions.

    If I played the game like a maniac, it would be possible for me to earn around 720 trophies a day, assuming 6 battles every 4 hours at 20 trophies per battle. The problem is that, while I am limited to 36 battles a day, my base can be invaded considerably more often than that. But no one is going to play the game like that. Playing the game like a normal person means making any progress at all is impossible. 

    I assume this is meant to encourage people to spend money, but the monetization of this game is also ludicrous. You are selling things no player in their right mind is going to pay for because they get them for free just by playing. There's no incentive to pay for anything, and what little there is that someone might actually pay for is so ridiculously expensive that no one ever would. $66 bucks for a character? That's obscene. You're clearly hoping that the game attracts a few whales, because that's the only business strategy that can possibly work given the current state of the store. 

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