1.1.2 Release Notes (2/13/2020)

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1.1.2 Release Notes

General Changes

Loading Screen
  • Improved readability of certain text that's displayed
Battle Cargo
  • Improved the display of the Battle Cargo timer on Post-Battle screen and in Cargo Menu 

Battle Changes

'Opposition' Challenge Battle
  • This Challenge Battle should no longer spawn on players' maps
    • This was the Battle that was not displaying an enemy base.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • "Featured Unit Damage" mission should now properly display as "Any Unit Damage"
  • Campaign Battle 4 for G.I. Joe should now properly have Scarlett showing as radio effect (static), since she's communicating over the radio
  • Fixed some display issues with various description and Unit info popups.
  • Alliance Store "next items in" text is no longer displaying in French in all languages.
  • Trophies are no longer unintentionally gained if you have 0 Battle Cargo remaining.
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