Featured Player drop rates rigged

Galvatronus Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
I understand the game needs to make money, but....my first drop was a Commander and 49 pulls later (and money spent), the sole 2 remaining items are the other 2 Commanders.  The odds of that being random are astronomical.  This is why people want to see drop rates published for loot boxes.  The prize board presentation implies there is randomness when clearly there is not.  Users must pay $$ to get a second Commander and that is disappointing.


  • MamuNestor
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    In that particular event I got a CC on my 12th pull. And latter i got one in a free crate. I haven’t spent a dime on the game. 
  • REM
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    It's not rigged, just random. Just because something has low odds, doesn't mean it can't happen. Otherwise it would be a 0% chance. You had bad luck. It happens.
  • Galvatronus
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    Unless you have seen loot box odds posted, you cannot say it is random.  There is an implication of randomness yet nowhere do I see the odds explicitly posted so we have no idea what goes into the algorithm.  It could easily be the case that those who spend $ experience a different algorithm than those that do not spend $.  AFAIK, nothing stops a game developer from doing that, which leads to my original point about why games have been pressured to publicly share this information.