Do Rank abilities activate when on defense?

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Are Hero and infantry Rank abilities (e.g. Steel Battalion, Rank 1, Retaliation) active when those units are deployed on defense? These would make ranking up units be MUCH more appealing.

(Beach Head, I'm looking at you.)


  • ElfNeedsFood
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    I've personally never seen an opposing leader use one of their activated leader abilities, but, like you, have no idea if the passive abilities help.  I just know every time I face a Ninja myself, that causes me to groan, so I put the Ninja in my locker room...
  • DrJ_ECG
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    Units that are posted to a building retain all of their abilities, and we're looking at potentially getting leaders to run some AI that would get them to use their Leader Commands as well; however, for spawner buildings, adding rank ups has a bit of potential to be game breaking. Not ruling it out though, it may be something we could tie in to levelling those buildings up later.
  • ElfNeedsFood
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    I'm a tad confused with the flow of the message, to simplify:

    Does this mean that if I put Cobra Commander in the Villain's Hideout and have his Henchmen rank-up ability, he should spawn with his entourage?