Transitioning to 5* Land

Currently I'm 230 Emma Frost shards from getting my 13th Kitty Pryde cover (putting her at 4/4/5). I have 2 or 3 saved covers on top of that.

I've played against Kitty enough to know where she stands as a 4* team support. However, I don't have meaningful 5* supports. I have multiple 12 cover characters (Thanos, Cable, Strange, Iceman, Hela, OML) and Phoenix at 13 covers. Thor, Okoye, DD, JJ and Hawkeye are very far behind and won't be champed up quickly.

My PVP goals are pretty modest:
* Score 400 pts in the current event (SCL10 gives Shards at 400)
* Clear all thresholds in simulator.
* Score 900 pts an event that offers a new 4* character.
I can do all of this by scoring the pts without resorting to the Win number requirement.
How badly am I boned in PVP if I champ Kitty?


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    Ivanstone said:

    How badly am I boned in PVP if I champ Kitty?
    Not at all. I rolled with Kitty as a sole 5* champ for a couple of seasons, and it was a whole lot of fun. Things are harder now with Bishop and HammerCap around, but she's still one of the best 5* to transition with. She and Grocket can handle Thorkoye just fine, and they're still pretty common, and they'll just wreck most other 5* pairs.
  • IvanstoneIvanstone Posts: 12 Just Dropped In
    I can deal with Bishop. Dazzler usually eats his lunch if I can get her to tank. Cap requires different counters but at least he doesn't instantly generate resources like Bishop does. I can use just about any 4* character if I need to change things around.

    I'm more concerned about getting swamped with a bunch of 5* teams. I don't see them that often currently probably because I don't try to be competitive in PVP.

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    One of the ironies of moving to the 5* tier these days (especially with someone like Kitty or Okoye) is that 5* teams are actually mostly beatable, but those 2 4* characters become nightmares. Even a basic match-3 from a 5* champ will trigger Bishop or HammerCap, and a starting cascade can easily see the enemy team with 30 blue AP on their first turn (or both blue and red, in the case of Cap/Hawkeye). It gets seriously brutal with even a bit of bad luck.
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    After two PVE's at SCL10, I have decided that I really, really need a champed up Kitty. She's sitting at 3/4/5 right now which is the least ideal progression path for her and the only way to fix it is champing her. I guess I'll just have to tough it out in PvP. Now if I only I had a Lockheed.

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    A few things:

    400 in PVP should be a CAKEWALK with Gritty. I’ve never been in single champ MMR. But in multi-champ the teams you see are somewhat varied in the beginning and they don’t dry up and offer only Gritty/Bishop teams until way after 400. I’d in fact suggest you push a little higher. Gritty is still one of the top teams in the game and scary enough on defense that you shouldn’t see hits until way later when you’re worth points. As long as you do slice 1 for new releases you can probably hit 900 unshielded. 

    In PVE CL9 and under, there may not be a faster team than Gritty/Thanos. For PVE purposes you might look to finish him in case you ever decide to drop down an event.

    Hela and OML with their special tile creation, while not as good as Grocket at all, could provide other PVP options to switch things up or when the healthpacks are low. 
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    edited 18 February 2020, 19:24
    Yesterday I got the threshold for 10x Mighty Packs and out popped Ms Frost. So I said "**** it", champed Kitty and immediately went to town in the simulator. I did see a variety of high level Gritty teams but no multi-5* champ teams. I usually skipped the Bishop teams but let Dazzler out to play once and she punked Mulletman the first time she could. 
    Currently she's tearing up PVE with Grocket and Bishop. Beats the challenge pretty easily although I lost once because my own cascade ate all my strike tiles.

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    Are you able to hit your 400 mark in PVP?

  • IvanstoneIvanstone Posts: 12 Just Dropped In

    I went to 1000 in the Karnak event without too much difficulty. Getting 400 is a little more annoying than it used to be but there's enough weaker teams that I can beat.

    Kitty's not a guaranteed silver bullet against sometimes (ex BRB/Carnage/Thor) but Kitty with Valkyrie and Fury seem to work most of the time.

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