Old player coming back. Should I just start over?

Hey guys.

So, I'm coming back after a lengthy hiatus and I'm looking for advice on either what to do, or if I should start over.  I read the guide to progressing fast to kind of get an idea of what to do and... boy.. I was really playing the game wrong when I played before.

As of this moment I have all but one 2*'s champed, a mess of 3*'s with only 4 having more than 1 cover, more 4*'s than I should have, and 2 5*'s.  I definitely put too much stock in making room for 4*'s that I got with draws.

With the 2*'s, most are around level 110.  I actually failed to roster the 3* cover you get from leveling them up for Storm and Thor, or maybe I did roster them and cut them for a 4 star I got?

I have 59 roster slots and no room, 200 HP, 23 CP.

I have questions....

1)  The 2's and 3's that I do have cannot compete at all with other people in my rank range, which I'm assuming will greatly slow down any progress I can make in attempting to right this ship, with that info, should I just restart completely?

2)  If not, should I sell the 4*'s, because I probably won't be using them anytime soon?

3)  Is it ever worth it to sell a 2* before they reach max level?  Like, should I wait until they unlock their 3* version and then sell them in order to start the process over and get the 3* covers faster?

4)  Is there any other immediate advice you can think of to get me back on track to at least be competitive?

I'm aware any fix will take time unless I'm dumping 100's of dollars into the game, which I'm not going to do, I am willing to put in the time though, so I want to know if the time to get back on track would be more than just restarting because I'm only like rank 27.



  • KGBKGB Posts: 990 Critical Contributor
    Your rank of 27 is very low. It's not going to stop you at all from doing anything you want.

    I would absolutely NOT restart the game given you have 59 roster slots. That will take a long time to accumulate again and you said you didn't want to dump in a lot of money. Getting those slots again is what will take you the most time and effort.

    Which part of competing are you having trouble in? PvP or PvE? Maybe you are just trying in the wrong CL. At your stage you should just be doing deadpool daily for the resources, PvE in whatever the highest you can enter again for the resources (progression, not placement). I wouldn't spend any time doing PvP unless you have left over time after doing 4-6 clears in PvE and deadpool daily.

    Don't sell any of your 4* just yet. Exactly how many 4s and 3s do you have and more importantly which ones do you have?  You didn't mention any 1s but if you have any, you only need to keep 1 (Juggs) for deadpool daily and you can freely sell the rest to make roster room for 3s.

    Your immediate goal should be to roster all the 3*. That may mean selling off some of the 4*, esp ones that aren't great. But don't sell any till you get covers for the 3s you don't have. Definitely DO NOT open any Legendary Tokens or spend any CP's. You are only going to open Heroics and under to get 2s and 3s till you finish getting them all. Every hero point you get should be saved for new roster slots.

    You never sell a 2* until you max champ. The rewards are better at higher champ levels.

  • JadeDragonMeliJadeDragonMeli Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    Thanks for the response.

    I can hang fairly well with PvE as long as I stick with the lowest clearance that's still going to give me a decent reward.  PvP is where I stand no chance at all.

    I for some reason did drop all my 1* before I stopped pl laying last time.  I think I was just putting way too much stock into spending tokens and getting 4*'s.

    I have...


    Dr. Strange
    Black Widow


    Spider Gwen
    Red Hulk
    Spiderman 2099

    All of them have 1 cover except for Gwen, X23, wolverine, and Jean.


    Spiderman champed
    Hulk champed
    Psylocke 2 1 2
    IM40 3 5 3
    Black widow 1 4 4
    Punisher 3 1 5
    Iron Fist 3 0 3
    Doom 3 2
    Magneto 1 1 3
    Loki 3 0 1
    Daken 2 0 2
    Sentry 2 1 1
    Hood 2 1 1
    Scarlet Witch 1 2 0
    Squirrel Girl 1 0 2
    Wolverine 2 1 0
    She Hulk 2 0 0
    Hawkeye 1 1 1
    Falcon 1 1 1
    Beast 1 0 1
    Black Panther 1 10
    Captain marvel 1 1 0
    Daredevil 1 0 1
    Thanos 1 0 1
    Vision 1 1 0
    Blade 1 0 0
    Cyclops 0 1 0
    Deadpool 1 0 0
    Dr strange 1 0 0
    Kamala Khan 0 1 0

    I dropped a 4* last night to get a 1* Juggs and level him back up.

    Right now I'm just doing DDQ and the PvE events.  I can't do much of anything in PvP.
  • KGBKGB Posts: 990 Critical Contributor
    The 2 5*s at L255 (if you didn't level them) plus the champed Hulk/Spiderman at 166 is why your MMR for PvP is so high (avg level around 190). Short of selling the 5* there is nothing you can do about it other than wait till the rest of your 3* roster catches up.

    In the mean time there should be lots to do in PvE/DDQ to earn rewards and eventually level up your 3* (Dr Strange is esp useful in PvE along with Iron Man who you have a good start on).

    Venom, Kingpin and Nebula are low end 4*s that you can sell if you need to roster a 3* and can't afford the slot.

  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 4,234 Chairperson of the Boards
    You might consider putting 4* Thanos on the sell list also. Not because he is bad but because one of his powers is targeted at dealing damage to heroes and there are not that many PvE's where we get to beat up on heroes regularly.
  • JadeDragonMeliJadeDragonMeli Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    Appreciate it guys.  I sold my 5*'s.  I wasn't thinking they would have the much of an effect on my rating, but that makes sense.  I dropped only Kingpin and Nebula 4* for now.  I had 2 3's waiting to be rostered.

    Is it worth spending CP to get IM40 maxed out, or should I just have him set to get shards when I open packs?
  • KGBKGB Posts: 990 Critical Contributor
    Don't spent CP on IM40. You'll eventually get the covers from DDQ/Shards/Token Pulls.

    The only downside of selling your 2 5*s (esp if your Strange was the Yellow cover) is that you can't use them in PvE where their match damage could help you finish off enemies faster and they would function as a meat shield. But other than that they were hurting your MMR for PvP which it sounds like you want to do more of.

  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 4,234 Chairperson of the Boards
    Appreciate it guys.  I sold my 5*'s.  I wasn't thinking they would have the much of an effect on my rating, but that makes sense.  I dropped only Kingpin and Nebula 4* for now.  I had 2 3's waiting to be rostered.

    Is it worth spending CP to get IM40 maxed out, or should I just have him set to get shards when I open packs?
    People don't realise it but a level 255 character puts you in range of max Champed 3's, baby Champed 4's and low covered 5's. A level 270 5 is even worst for what you get back from it in terms of usability.
  • JadeDragonMeliJadeDragonMeli Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    To give you some updates.

    I still have all 2*s champed and am working of getting their levels up for the rewards,  but I now have every 3* rostered as well, with the exception of Angel.  I'm definitely making use of DDQ and going hard into the PVE events, and so far I have 3 of my 3*'s champed.

    I've even been able to win a some PvP fights here and there!

    I Have about 40 heroics saved,  2 Latest Legends, 19 Taco vault sweet, 17 Taco savory 

    I feel like I'm righting the ship, slowly but surely.

    Thanks again for all of your help! 

     Now if I could just find an Alliance that keeps their VIP's rolling and giving free CP to the alliance! 🤣
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