AA Missile Turrets, chance to prevent hacking?

Axelay Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
One of the most potent base defense items I've seen thus far is a helipad with an aerial unit. However, it takes no effort whatsoever to remove that helicopter from the assault equation when all you have to do is hack an AA turret and have it one-shot the helicopter. Even if your helicopter (e.g Skystorm) is ranked up and has Evasion, the AA missile turrets don't seem to take that into account and just friendly fire your helicopter. This just feels like a broken mechanic, as it's WAY too easy to take out a critical (and single irreplaceable) piece of base defense. If AA Missile Turrets had a significantly reduced chance to be hacked, then this would be much more balanced for defense. Perhaps even if there was a way to rank up this structure so that it's "hardened" against hacking, that would be a welcome addition.