Snake Eyes

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Hero Stats

Type: Land Unit
SpeedVery Fast

Leader Powers

Okami No Kosho
The wolf Timber comes out of hiding and attacks, damaging and temporarily disrupting targeted enemies.

Hakaze - Rank 1 Unlock
A secret ninjutsu skill which involves its user dashing imperceptibly between targets to attack them.

  • Materials Needed
    • 20x Training Manuals
    • 1x Master Training Manuals
    • 12x Battle Medals


    Melee Expert
    Strike a target Unit in range to deal increased damage and a temporary stun.

    Okami No Hitokuchi - Rank 2 Unlock
    When Okami No Kosho is used, Timber stays on the battlefield as a combatant until either he is defeated or Snake Eyes uses Okami No Kosho again.


    • oluapoluap Posts: 56 Match Maker
      is there any other way to get legendary cards?
    • DamienECGDamienECG ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 20 Just Dropped In
      Hi oluap,

      You can get legendary cards from events where the legendary unit is the featured unit. Their cards will become available in the "Buyout Box" which can be opened with silver event coins you gain from completing components and defeating pvp event battles.

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