Roster slot cost cap

DeNappaDeNappa Posts: 1,010 Chairperson of the Boards
As it is now, roster slots starts out free and then slowly increase in cost until they stay stable for a while at 1000HP. But at 300 roster slots, this cost is doubled to 2000HP.

In the light of the constantly changing game, this doubling is way too harsh:
  • The amount of characters has steadily increased and currently sits at over 200 characters (not entirely certain but I think it's 204 now?)
  • People also often roster extra characters for purpose of sending team ups, and for 'farming' lower tier characters
  • With the introduction of SCL10 and the reworked reward structure, the amount of HP dished out by the game is reduced also.
  • It kind of 'punishes' veterans for sticking around for long enough to get to that point
I think the steep increase is entirely unnecessary. Just keep the cap at 1000HP.
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