Upcoming Feature: S.H.I.E.L.D. Clearance Level 10

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Merriam Webster defines ‘Soon’ as 'Without undue time lapse.' But what does that really mean? I have no idea, but I do know that "Coming Soon" means this week if you are talking about SCL 10!

That’s right! Shield Clearance Level (SCL) 10 is on its way here, starting with the Ragnarok Versus Event on 2/6 and the Story Event, Meet Rocket & Groot, on 2/9! The Shard updates to Comic Packs have paved the way for an update that brings a newer, more difficult mode for players that are itching for harder fights and better rewards. 


Mighty Tokens from nodes, 5-Star Shards from progression and more are available via SCL 10. But it doesn’t stop there! We also took this opportunity to update the previous tiers of rewards to make them richer for players in those tiers too. This means that you don't need high level 5-Stars on your roster to reap the benefits of this update!

Now, the overall rewards changes are too numerous to realistically list; There are differences in 3 day Events, 7 day Events, rewards for differently timed subs in each of those, solo Story Events, Versus Events, Versus Season Rewards, etc. So instead of a-couple-dozen-megabyte-sized Excel sheets of values crammed into a post, we’ll highlight a few points to show off what we’re looking at. Let’s start off with the big one: SCL 10 rewards.

As you can see, SCL 10 will be getting 5-Star Shards and more 4-Star covers than SCL 9 got before, as well as a large amount of Mighty and Heroic Tokens as you go through the Event. CP gains from Node clearing is also increased, with a total of 5 available on each sub, as opposed to the 4 from SCL 9.

Meanwhile, over on the Versus end of things

Again, we can see that the rewards overall will be putting out more CP than SCL 9, quite a few more Mighty Tokens, 5-Star Shards, and more 4-Star Covers and Shards.

For comparison, here are the 3 Day Story Event SCL 7 Placement rewards at current and updated.

Even at SCL 7, you’re going to be getting more 4-Star Covers and Shards, better and more numerous tokens, and even Mighty Tokens where there weren’t any before. At SCL 8, this even starts growing into 5-Star Shards for placement! Versus Events also pick up on this same trajectory, with more and better Covers and Shards throughout. 


SCL 7 is the starting point for 5-Stars, with top placements in Versus events snagging 25 5-Star Shards per event. So even at lower SCLs, players get a chance to push their rosters into the future, as they continue to work towards more power in the tier they’re at.

Adding Shards to Event rewards is a large pillar in the overall Shards feature, and we are excited for players to get to experience it. We have spent a long time balancing the updates across Story and Versus events alike to make sure that they have the largest impact for the entire player base. With that being said, we are particularly curious as to what everyone has to say about SCL 10. We encourage people who want to try out something new to give it a shot and let us know. We will be listening intently to feedback over the next few events. Competing in SCL 10 is the highest achievement in the game and we want to make sure the players that participate in it find it a rewarding experience. After all, simulations and predictions of player behavior are awesome, but simulations rarely match up perfectly with things when they’re in the wild. So feedback here, especially with gameplay experience, is definitely appreciated.

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