About the R42 patch

After a few hours playing with the new patch, I think is a good step forward.
The revamped Rewards Cache is a huge improvement, specially being able to train directly from it. BUT there is a bug: in the patch notes it says
Any characters gained go into the Rewards Cache
and that is not true. REPEATED characters do indeed go to the rewards cache, but not the new ones that directly occupy empty covers. This is annoying: you may try to save the covers for the hard time when you have to decide which of your cache characters to activate (when they are about to expire). So now we don't need to "juggle" with the last cover in order to train our character, but may need to do so in order to reserve them for the appropriate time to decide what character to activate.
Regarding character's info, is also a good improvement. Again, the shortcuts for training abilities via "mini-cover" buttons are more than welcome: convenient and stylish.
Regarding the new abilities display and use in combat, it is more convenient, but at the cost of a little real state, but well, it is the only way to have more displayed info. Maybe reducing the size of the icons, so they don't bulge? It would be a fine addition to devise a way to show when you are 3-2-1 AP away from the cost(maybe overlapping 3-2-1 dots/stars when at that distance?)
In theory, the rewards system has improved, and there is less chance to get the 20-iso rubbish rewards. In practice, it seems improved, but not 50% change of getting a listed reward. I had a 5, a 6 and a 7 streaks of 20-iso rewards, and only streaks of 2 listed rewards, so 50% it is not. The system is still BROKEN in my view (see my proposals in another thread).
The stunning characters stops countdowns is a welcomed change (I haven't really thought about it), but with it is more necessary that ever to include another feature: IDENTIFY THE SOURCE OF A COUNTDOWN TILE (before to try to kill him; now to try also to stun him). It is annoying with 2 pyros/soldiers/grenadiers... etc not knowing if killing one is going to save you or not.
In the 11/19 patch, you reduced the number of displayed covers in packs. This is confusing and unwelcome. At least show an intermediate static "catalog" of all cover when clicking the pack, instead of direct buying (or another way to show the catalog).
Well, those are my thoughts. I don't need (but it would be very welcome) a detailed response from "official representatives", but an "acknowledge" one would be polite, in order to know I'm not wasting my time too much writing in this forum icon_e_wink.gif


  • IceIX
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    It's been read. Every single post in this whole forum is read by me, CS, or another dev. Or a mix of the three. I personally have read every word on the forum that wasn't deleted before I can see it (or PMs of course, those are outside my purview by design). So yes, what you say has been heard. icon_e_smile.gif
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    Nice to hear you heard icon_e_wink.gif
    By the way, Modern Black Widow's Widow's Sting (it sounds weird, isn't it?) is NOT WORKING as intended/described. At ability level 5, it should stun other character 1 turn, but it is not doing it. I'm fairly sure (but may be confused) that it worked well before, and it is not marked as an intentional change in the patch notes, so I presume is a bug introduced in the patch or another very recent patch (I insist, maybe it was there before, but it is definitely happening now).
  • Working correctly now. Today's "phantom" patch, I presume.
    Rewards now also seem to really be 50% listed reward after the first... this "phantom" patches are quiet but effective.
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    Good to hear it's working, not sure why it wouldn't have been before. The patch today was for backend server communications, so I didn't post any Patch Notes for it.
  • In my latest duels it is definitely working, but it may be correlated with something then (specific enemies, missions...). I'll keep an eye on it then if you say you didn't change anything.
    Regarding the rewards issue, I'm not sure if I talked too fast, after another five 20-iso streak. Streaks can happen with 50%, even long ones, but 4 negative ones and only one 3 rewards long positive one is defying statistics. I know I'm not a lucky guy, but I presume my skill should be valued more than my luck...
  • hetchel wrote:
    Streaks can happen with 50%, even long ones, but 4 negative ones and only one 3 rewards long positive one is defying statistics.
    No, it's just unlikely.
  • Humphrey wrote:
    hetchel wrote:
    Streaks can happen with 50%, even long ones, but 4 negative ones and only one 3 rewards long positive one is defying statistics.
    No, it's just unlikely.
    Well, only the 7 20-iso negative streak has less than a 1% chance, the 6 20-iso one 1,5% and the two 5 20-iso ones 3%. Having all of then in a row without a 4-in-a-row positive one (a 6% probability) and only one 3-in-a-row (a 12,5% probability). Naming it just "unlikely" I think it is too soft. Obviously "defying statistics" is also a bit exaggerated, but reflects far better the case in my opinion (if you can do the maths, that I don't fell capable of doing in a reasonable amount of time, and calculate the probabilities of a case like mine, with about 200 hundred rewards in that period if that matters, I sincerely am curious about it).