Gritty In the National News

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Gritty cleared of potential legal trouble.

[Disclaimer: I am not condoning or making light of assault between any combination of species in any way shape or form. Just wanted to post a headline that caught my MPQ eye to potentially brighten someone's otherwise dreary Monday]


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    And yet their assault on the idea of seeing a variety of MPQ teams continues unabated.
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    Y'know Kitty has a katana so why doesn't she make strike tiles? If I had a sword and was a Chris Claremont character, I would definitely use that sword after I gave a quick speech about the focused totality of being the best there is. Although just imagine if she did create strike tiles on top of Rocket, dear sweet Captain Ultra...

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    Ah Captain Ultra... So if he played against any Human Torch, would he be stunned for the entire match  :D
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