Gwenpool's Chekov's Gun able to target but not hit airborne targets

StevO-JStevO-J Posts: 709 Critical Contributor
During 3* Cap's PVP I used Gwenpool's Chekov's Gun while fighting an opposing Gwenpool that had just fired her Plot Armor to send her team mates airborne. This resulted in me spending 10 green AP with zero effect, i.e. no damage being done to any opponent.

Is this working as intended? Or is this a bug?

I know that while opponents are invisible they can still be targeted, and I believe hit, by abilities have 'random targets', but I was under the impression that being airborne was different in that regard. For instance, I believe Riri's red ability will not fire when 2 of the 3 opponents are airborne. So I would have thought that in my case all 3 shots of Chekov's Gun had hit the opposing Gwenpool instead of having zero effect. If not, does this mean that airborne opponent can be targeted by random stun powers like Scarlet Witch? That would be a good thing to know.

Any insights or thoughts?
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