Known Issue: Thick As Thieves (1/31/20) Rewards

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Hi all,

Wanted to raise a known issue and let players know that it'll be handled.

With this run of Thick As Thieves, a testing version of the Event mistakenly went out that had obvious inconsistencies (required nodes didn't match the boosted characters, Event Tokens pointing to a different Event Vault, etc.)

While we noticed this issue quickly, players had already started in on progress so we didn't want to invalidate that progress by restarting the Event. So instead, we ran a patch that updated the Event to largely what was intended. However, there are a couple points that we left as-is so that it affected the fewest number of players possible.

  • Event Tokens were pointed at an old Event Vault instead of what should be the Event Store. This has been updated to the new Tokens, but some players have some of these old Tokens instead. Players are welcome to gain and use these Tokens with no issue. After the Event, we will tote up the number of Tokens players gained and send the corrected amount that point to the intended Store.
  • Command Point rewards for 5-Star required nodes are spread over multiple plays instead of batched. If we updated this mid-run, this would result in some players getting less CP than intended since they played once or twice and didn't get the batch of CP they'd normally get. So instead, we're leaving this node reward as-is and will credit players the "missing" CP for players that would have gained the whole batch but didn't due to only completing the node a certain number of times.

We'll be collating these extra rewards once the Event ends, so next week we'll have a pass of reward gifts for the players that were affected. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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