Bundle ideas

In the interest of helping you guys make money, here are some bundle ideas I would be interested in:

Make new planeswalkers available to purchase with money when new set comes out. I know if I played against one of the new PWs and found their abilities strong and fun, I might be more inclined to purchase them before they were available for crystals.

Next, what is the point of slow rolling the $3.99 offers? By the time they are available, I usually have the cards. Furthermore, the cards that are offered are really hit & miss. For example, Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp is just not playable. Conversely, Dreadhorde Invasion is a must have (in my opinion). I would also push to make them available at the beginning of the set for similar reasons.

Along these same lines, some of the first rares I chase are rare lands. When standard cycles out our tried & true mana makers gameplay really suffers. Maybe a special deal of 5 rare lands? I could see myself maybe dropping $5 or $10 a for bundle of these.

Last, can we have more legacy specials? I have been trying to get Kozelic for forever and I’m not making much progress. We have Olivia at a very reasonable $3.99, as well as Drowner of Hope. I’m sure there are other cards people would happily open up their wallets for.