Base defeat penalty ridiculous



  • Target_Practice
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    The -5 invasions are just giving you the opportunity to attack someone and is an encroachment on your land.  It is a double tax of sorts.  You'll also take the -5 hit if you "replace" an enemy and that feels like a triple tax of sorts...
    Yes, you think you have the opportunity to win 20 trophies, but the reality is you already lost -5 trophies because the hexagon is red.

    It's like taking two steps forward and one back
  • randomhero1090
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    This needs to be fixed.  ASAP.  Get rid of the invasion penalty.  I don’t even get why that is in the game.  It really doesn’t make much sense.

    As for actual defeats...
    Above = 0
    Equal or below = 5

    Keep wins again current levels.

    Also need to bump up the ability to win trophies.  If you are out of battle cargo, you should be able to grind wins for 1/2 the value, at least.

    If I just play the clock, I’m maybe doing 10 battles a day.  Maybe.  That’s like 20 minutes of play.