Joyous Life Alliance Looking for One Player

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We are a casual alliance looking for one player to complete our roster.  We are looking for players with rosters that are strong with at least 3* and 4* characters.  We are a low pressure group, but we ask that you play most days, and contribute all that you can during alliance events.  The members in our group typically compete at SCL levels 7-9.

Joyous Life is a private group, so please search for us if you would like to join.


  • whitten66
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    Hello. Although this is an older posting, I noticed today that you have one roster spot available.  Please accepted this as my application to your alliance.  I recently returned to Marvel Puzzle Quest after a close to 2 year hiatus.  I have been playing again for almost 3 weeks, and I'm definitely reinvigorated to return on a full time basis.

    My Shield Rank is 75, and at the time I left, which was near the beginning of the introduction of 5 star character, I played every day. I have 14 championed 4 star characters, and have most 3 start characters championed.  There are many 4 star characters I do not have, but I have quickly been acquiring new characters over the last 3 weeks.  I play PvE every day, and try to clear each node 4-5 times.  I play PvP less frequently, but still participate to obtain some of the lower level rewards.

    I look forward to having the opportunity to participate regularly with your alliance.  My in-game name is whitten66.  Thank you! 
  • StormyMoods
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    Hi Whitten66, sorry for the late response. I haven’t been here in awhile. If you are still interested, please request to join. Thanks!