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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the Building Details Index! We hope this index will be able to facilitate your search for information on all the buildings in the game. Each Building is listed in alphabetical order and organized by Faction.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if any of the links are not working. Enjoy!

G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe Headquarters
Machine Gun Turret (G.I. Joe)
Mineral Storage
Oil Depot (G.I. Joe)
Oil Rig
Power Generator (G.I. Joe)


Guard Tower
Lair (HQ)
Machine Gun Turret (Cobra)
Mineral Depot
Oil Depot (Cobra)
Oil Dredger
Power Generator (Cobra)
Radar Dish (Cobra)


  • ElfNeedsFoodElfNeedsFood Posts: 944 Critical Contributor
    Can we get an update on the various unit buildings?  I'm not sure what I gain by upgrading the helipads or locker rooms?
  • DrJ_ECGDrJ_ECG Posts: 19 Just Dropped In
    Presently, those buildings gain extra health as a result of upgrading them; however, there has been discussions about giving benefits to units stationed at those buildings based on their level, so we may get something like that into the game in the future.
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