Should you get Rowan and Will Kenrith? - Video Review

Hello all,

I made a review on Rowan and Will Kenrith. If you're interested in how they work, want to know the new secret mechanic they posses, or are looking to maybe get them go ahead and take a look!


  • andrewvanmarle
    andrewvanmarle Posts: 971 Critical Contributor
    I find their switching ability to interfere with the mana gains. 
  • Nalthazar
    Nalthazar Posts: 136 Tile Toppler
    It definitely can. I found that they work best when you pick a side and then you use your walker abilities to keep yourself on that side as often as possible for the beginning of your turn for your gem conversion. If you want to use a flipped side ability, try to use it and then flip it back. They definitely work best with enough gem converters that you have the flexibility to use more loyalty abilities.