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  1. Please edit your post if you have filled all open positions. This is a courtesy to those alliances still recruiting as well as to those who are still hunting. If you have a new opening, please re-post, instead of editing the original posting. Posts will be removed, once Alliances are marked as filled, in an effort to keep things manageable for recruits looking for a home.
  2. Don't reply to individual posts. If you see an Alliance you're interested in, please private message that poster. Any post that isn't an Alliance seeking new members will be deleted.
  3. Don't post that you're an individual seeking an Alliance. If you're an individual seeking an Alliance, there's a thread for you to recruit in. Posting here will result in that post getting deleted, as well as the offending poster likely receiving a minor warning (especially for repeat offenders).
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Tips for Successful Recruiting
  1. List Detailed Expectations. Whether you're a top 50 Alliance or a casual Alliance, make it very clear about what your expectations are regarding performance, level of social involvement, other apps that may be required (such as Line or another chat app), whether you ask for emails to conduct business, etc. The more information you provide, the better the fit will be for you and potential recruits.
  2. List Alliance Performance While past performance is not a guarantee of future results, it does provide some information that helps potential recruits gauge how they'll fit in.
  3. Be Courteous and Honest In Your Posting. Lying about how active your Alliance is or what your Alliance performance has been is being discourteous and wasting everyone's time. So be honest, and be content with where your Alliance is (or post that you have the goal of improving towards Top 100)
Thank you and happy recruiting!


  • JCWestJCWest Posts: 10 Just Dropped In
    edited 6 February 2020, 17:16
    EDC, under CAPT. FAIREBORNE has 50/50 slots open (No Minimum).


  • IceXman49IceXman49 Posts: 7 Just Dropped In
    edited 30 January 2020, 20:59
    Join up today!


    is looking for active members. Daily logons, and helping your teammates is what we want.  Positive attitude while we learn this game! Don't forget the asterisk in the Alliance name.
  • EmuEmu Posts: 20 Just Dropped In
    Cobra Command is looking for some teammates.  We're all fairly new to the game (currently only have 8 members), A few of us have Line accounts and hang out there.  If you join, you're more than welcome to come hang out. But it is certainly not required... just a better/easier way to chat. If anybody else is in the same boat, we'd certainly entertain the idea of joining forces so we can all grow together faster.
  • StalkerStalker Posts: 138 Tile Toppler
     Tiger Force Be D*mned (an A in place of the asterisk) is looking to add more Joes and Cobras to our team

    Join Us as we play GI Joe for competitive fun. Right now we are mixed with casual to heavy hitters. Mostly use line chat app for faster communication and a majority of the group played GI Joe Battlegrounds mobile prior when it was running. 

    Right now we ask for common card donation participation (if you are brand new it is more important that you at least request cards to help you and those who want the points while helping you). Casual or better logins.

    search for us and request a slot today as we have 10 slots left. Thank You
     Tiger Force Be D*mned (no asterisk) 
  • ThehsbrThehsbr Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    Python Patrol
    is looking for Cobra players!
    All spots open, let’s help each other complete dailies! 
  • oluapoluap Posts: 38 Just Dropped In
    edited 9 February 2020, 12:01
    If your an active player, and if your looking for an active alliance then join us.

    Son's of Big Boss

    Minimum trophy requirement 100 trophies , being inactive for 3 days with out notice would lead to expulsion. 

    current member: 19
  • JadoJado Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    edited 12 February 2020, 00:03
    Average Joes is looking for some players. 

    Our Moto - “We’d like to salute the boys in green, who never had a name.”

    Our Mission - As the name says, we want to show the world that even the average player can do something incredible! 

    We are growing fast, and have plenty of spots left! Don’t hesitate to join! Become an Average Joe today!
    Average Joes
  • cgrubb80cgrubb80 Posts: 87 Match Maker
    ORDER 66 is looking for new ACTIVE members. 

    We have a bunch of skilled guys that are Tier 4 and 5 that will train the new players.  We have an active discussion on discord if you want to chat.

    We switch back and forth between Joe's and Cobra for card donation.  Inactive for 3 days without notice will get you booted. 
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