Soft-capped 5*s for use in 4* play

froggerjohn Posts: 373 Mover and Shaker

Recent events and some good luck have left me with a few 5star characters at 13 covers.

ProfX - 5/5/3
Iceman - 3/5/5
Okoye - 5/3/5
Kitty - 4/5/3 (current TH, at 281 shards)

It's an exciting step for me, but it's still awhile longer before I might consider the jump to 5* play. So in the meantime, I'm wondering whether there are any scenario/partner combinations that are already interesting to try. Kitty is pretty self-explanatory, but the other three I haven't used much yet, outside of being the 5e.

For example, I think America/Okoye/3rd? would be great for the Ultron boss event.

Iceman blue stun is almost certainly wonderful, and fun to play. Definitely got a taste of it when he was the 5e, so I'd be delighted to hear of some of his best teammates.

I figure I can use DDQ3 for some experimentation, and all suggestions are appreciated.


  • DAZ0273
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    America vs Ultron normally = win without using a single active power.

    Okoye is of course great with most but team her up with multi-damage characters like Sabretooth & Valkyrie.
  • Waddles_Pines
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    How soft capped are you going?  If you're not going too much higher than your 4*, might I suggest Goblin?  Sure, you don't have too many covers for him, but if you like using Ice Man, his yellow is great.  It fortifies both countdowns and repeaters.  I tried it out today and if you match Bobby's fortified green, you get the AoE damage and the tile stays on the board.  Same thing with his blue stun.  It won't make you a more competitive player, but it does make a fun team.
  • froggerjohn
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    Pretty conservative on the soft cap, because I don't want any MMR changes that I can't undo. Way too much regret on this game already...

    I'm using a baseline of my 5th-highest 4*, with an exception made for Kitty to around my top 4*.

    "Fun" and "Variety" are worthwhile goals, as are pretty much any specialty cases. (Specific nodes, bosses, opponents, etc). I'm not expecting to replace my best teams, and don't really have any expectations at all. Other than a basic premise that variety is the antidote to MPQ burnout and the monotony that PvE can often be.