Time to be a HERO! The Longbox Heroes are RECRUITING!

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Longbox Heroes has a spot open!!! Check back for updates!!!

We're a top 50 PvP and top 250 PvE alliance!

A commander is stepping down and we are primed to add a new player to our alliance network!!!

We get max rewards for every Boss Alliance event! INCLUDING CIVIL WAR!!!!!

Regardless of roster if you can put up at least 650 in each PvP or 6500 for the season then you're the right fit! We have mentors that can help you progress your roster and we have more than half our members put up 10k or more each season!

Alliance boss events is the only PvE event that matters! 

We have daily, weekly, and monthly buyers - practically raining CP!

We have a FB network page with other alliances and a chat that is used daily!

We respect IRL inactivity within reason!
I check messages daily! GronkSmash

Search Longbox Heroes in private and full on the app and we'll give you a shot before the end of this season and in time for the new season!!!

Can this post have anymore exclamation points?