How to stay in top 10 of PVE?

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I reached #1 spot in PVE (lvl9) two days in a row, but in the end I drop to a mediocre in top 100. Why is that? Is there a difference in 4/6, 5/6 regeneration timers? Surely I do something wrong, what is it?


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    The points keep regenerating after 6 clears. Optimal scoring requires doing four clears* as fast as possible at the opening of the event, and then three more as close to the end as possible. If you do your final clears too early, it's very easy to hit #1 while others are still waiting for their nodes to regain points before clearing more quickly after you did.
    *Two for Wave nodes, one for Loaner nodes. But they all need three at the end.
  • 111MCH111111MCH111 Posts: 113 Tile Toppler
    Thank you for advice, three times close at the end! let’s go get some good rankings. 😎
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    3 times staring at like 4:00 am is a problem. I will likely never have any wins in the last 4-6 hours of an event.

    This would especially be a problem if you don’t have a cache of health packs. Playing mission 4 on the current event as a $0 player means i probably win about 75% of the battles, depending on how bad the gem drops are, but even if I win, chances are it wipes my team out enough that I am using 2 or 3 health packs to do another mission. So, I can get in like 3-5 missions in before I have to wait a couple hours for my characters to self-heal.

    After just over 3 weeks, I have finished top 100 a couple times, top 50 once, and top 10 2x. The “top 100” rewards were better than the “top 10 rewards”, though the “top 50” was the best. I would NOT stress about missing the top, as the rewards are definitely not worth the required effort if you can’t reach #1 and get the hero points.
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    I'm still really bad at this game. 

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