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Pvp feedback

Hi there!  Im going to explain my personal situation and what Im seeing lastly. Im sure a lot of players will share it.
Recently Ive champed 3 5* characthers. Ive realized now Im matched with dangerous foes.
Im ok with that, I like it.
What Im not liking is playing pvp and for one special reason: no one is playing until the very last finishing hours. Getting 575 points on last 10 hours left places you on 64 rank.
That means is hard to get there and after that all players will hit advanced ones.
Nobody is playing pvp fearing to get hit on my tier.Sometimes I really want to play but I dont do it because its a bad option.
I wait for when lighting round is active instead.
If Im really interested on the 4* cover sometimes I play those 40 wins, but knowing that I will be spamming free points and I will take hundreds of hits, losing so a good piece of my season points. 
You devs changed the playgame sistem with the shards, and I think is a positive change, but in the same way I think you should change the pvp sistem for other less punishing to players who actually want to play. Thank you.


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    With new scl10 people finally is playing so the problem is fixed right now. For now
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